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Both width and cutting-edge knowledge at RISE Packaging Science Centre

A large deal of Swedish and international guests attended the opening of the RISE Packaging Science Centre, which also had the privilege of welcoming a delegation from the FEFCO Stockholm Summit 2018.

The official opening was held in connection with an open house on 23 May. The newly renovated laboratory was displayed, now expanded into a unique pilot environment to work with both packaging materials, such as cardboard and corrugated board, and all the way to the packaging.

"We now have a flexible system for developing better methods for material characterization. But also shock and vibration equipment to build understanding of how the packaging behaves during transport. This gives us a unique opportunity to help customers develop packaging systems. Our analysis has shown that there is a great need for this kind of lab and pilot facilities in the world, says Mikael Nygårds, Head of the Paper Mechanics department.

To honour the day, the test facility was transformed into a large exhibition. At different stations, RISE experts presented a selection from today's activities, but also examples of all the exciting things we strive to do in the future. The facility’s resources used for packaging development and testing were showcased but also demonstrators of new materials such as textile-like or stretchable paper, biobased barriers and corrugated board with biobased glue. On the smorgasbord of packaging, there was also molded cellulose, 3D-printed objects for architecture and construction, paper for energy storage and other examples of bio-based electronics.

The prototypes produced for the Scanpack fair in October gained a lot of interest and during the opening day the visitors could get a first glimpse of them. One is a collar of active paper that you can put on your take-away coffee, the other is a package with electromagnetic shielding that makes it impossible to connect to your phone when it is in the package.

"We have an incredible range of skills and resources that we have now gathered in our packaging centre, from material research to consumer insight and circular flows. With the different stations, we also wanted to show the cutting-edge knowledge necessary to solve problems and increase the understanding, says Jesper Berthold, head of the Packaging Development and Product Testing department.

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