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Circular Materials Conference

March 7-8

Location: Chalmers Conference Centre, Gothenburg

Textile recycling is in focus when Hanna de la Motte and Tatjana Karpenja from the Bioeconomy Division participate in the Circular Materials Conference.

Circular Conference is an event going on for two days in March and is an event for debate, exchange, meetings and networking. The focus is on the challenges of the material world, consumer habits and models in the circular economy. The event will also look at new trends and business in the circular economy, such as research and innovation.

Hanna De La Motte from RISE will be there and talk about circular recycling of cotton fibers recycled from polyester, cotton, textile mixes. In order to achieve circular recycling of textile fibers, separation of mixed materials must be achieved. The purpose of the present innovation was to develop a polycotton separation process, where the polyester breaks down to its monomers, ethylene glycol (EC) and terephthalic acid (TPA), and cotton is maintained. The separation process was successfully carried out with the yield of clean streams of EG, TPA and cotton.

Innovation has been developed with Swedish industries in mind, and the vision is to integrate the cotton stream with existing forest or biomass industries or recycling initiatives.

Results presented will show that it is possible to separate polyester and cotton from mixed textiles with a yield of 97% with alkaline hydrolysis. Analysis of the resulting streams showed high purity which is promising when considering the importance of a future circular economy of textiles.

Also meet Tatjana Karpenja at the RISE stand for a dialogue on how to highlight business opportunities for circular value chain operators.

The research project "Paper Mill for Textile Recycling in Tomorrow's Circular Economy" has evaluated a new paper production concept from a sustainability perspective, where a substantial part of the fibre raw material consists of low-grade fibres from textile recycling plants.The new material was used as a cover for the report 'A Cellulose-Based Society' and also packaging paper, which are our demonstrators that visitors will be able to see and discuss on-site.


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