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8th Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference (NWBC)

23-25 October 2018

Location: Helsinki, Finland

NWBC − the leading event where research and industry meet to discuss recent wood-based biorefinery developments.

RISE presentations:

  • Lignin based Carbon fibres in batteries, supercapacitors and composites (Speaker: Sverker Danielsson, RISE Bioeconomy)
  • The Bioeconomy Research Programme 2018–2020 (Speaker: Fredrik Aldaeus, RISE Bioeconomy)
  • Digging in the structure and functionality of lignocellulosic raw material – from academic knowledge towards industrial applications (Speaker: Jerk Rönnols, RISE Bioeconomy)
  • Recent achievements in the valorization of technical lignins (Co-author: Ewellyn Capanema, RISE Bioeconomy)
  • Evaluation of Alternative Routes for production of Bio-oil from Forest Residues and Kraft Lignin (Co-authors: Ida Kulander, Karin Petterson and Johan Wallinder, RISE Bioeconomy)
  • Replace fossil gas in industrial burners with renewable biogas (Co-authors: Fredrik Weiland, Esbjörn Pettersson, Henry Hedman, Alexey Sepman, RISE ETC)
  • Increase accessibility for enzymatic hydrolysis of Norway spruce by organosolv pre-treatment in a novel reactor (Speaker: Mihaela Tanase-Opedal, RISE PFI)
  • Impregnation of wood chips for acidic processes and the influence of wood chips length (Co-author: David Blomberg, RISE Processum)
  • Electrospun lignin-based carbon fibers for energy storage application
    (Poster, Omid Hosseinaei, RISE Bioeconomy)

The conference is arranged by RISE Bioeconomy, Sweden  and VTT, Finland every 1.5 year.The 7th NWBC took place in Stockholm 28-30 March 2017 with 240 participants from 22 countries.


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